Our Advisory Process

We spend time on your individual needs and tailor solutions to match your objectives and goals. With our intimate understanding and skills, we deliver a financial position beyond expectations

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1 Understanding Your Needs

We analyse your financial situation and understand your objectives and goals before developing future scenarios.

2 Establishing Your Objectives

We evaluate and choose an investment philosophy, including specific proposals for individualized wealth management and asset structuring solutions.

3 Reviewing Your Objectives Together

We review your asset situation and objectives regularly, making any necessary updates or changes.

4 Pursuing Your Objectives

We implement the selected service, manage the assets and provide performance and risk monitoring through independent third parties.

Investment Advisory

Our research is primarily carried out in-house but we do refer to third party research and advisory. We help our clients make independent investment decisions.

Our advisory is always the right choice for you. We maintain an extensive network of private banks and product manufacturers gaining access to a robust pipeline of bespoke solutions for high net worth individuals, multifamily offices and institutions.

At Greenfield Advisory, our investment process is centred on a “Tripartite Relationship”. Our specialists regularly evaluate the global economy and produce well-founded forecasts to determine the optimal mix of asset classes, markets and currencies in Greenfield’s investment policy. This policy is then approved and implemented effectively on your behalf by our experienced team.

Greenfield Advisory identifies opportunities in fixed income and hedge fund investments which we filter from a universe of funds, bonds and various specialist funds presented to us by several private banks. We then select specialist funds focusing on emerging markets to construct portfolios for our clients as per their risk reward metrics.

External Asset Manager



Establish banking relationship with the Bank.

Advise and/or manage clients’ wealth.

Offer product platform, reporting, technology solutions,
Execution services and access to specialists.

Portfolio Management

Investing Only In Opportunities
With Exciting Growth Prospects

Our investment approach is to identify sectors with robust growth and subsequently invest significant time and resources researching these sectors to ascertain attractive business models.

We offer comprehensive advice and a suitable investment strategy that takes into account your long term goals, risk capacity and financial position. We always believe in transparent bespoke investment strategies based on your target returns.

You will always have access to first-class investment specialists who understand your individual requirements and will protect your assets and prevent the duplication of costs at every stage of the investment process.

Against this backdrop, we believe you can delegate the management of your portfolio to us as we are fully committed to achieving your investment goals.

  • Cash

    Money market fund.
    Money market deposit
    Savings account.
    Certificate of deposit
    Commercial paper.

  • Fixed Income

    Investment and
    Non-Investment grade
    Emerging market
    Credit derivatives.
    Interest rate hedging
    New issues.

  • FX & Precious Metals

    Spot, forward and
    OTC vanilla and exotic
    FX hedging.

  • Equity


  • Derivatives

    Exchange traded
    OTC derivatives.

  • Commodities

    Hedging, investing, financing and leverage,
    Oil and refined products.
    Base and precious metals.
    Coal, soft and emissions.
    Partnership with Glencore, minor metals and
    Unlisted commodities.

  • Hedge Funds and Private Equity

    Investment and Non-Investment grade bonds.
    Emerging markets bonds.
    Credit derivatives.
    Interest rate hedging.
    New Issues.

Wealth Management

Trusts, Tax & Insurance*

Our aim is to work with you to maximise and preserve your assets and wealth for your future generations. Our expert capabilities and competitive edge assures a sound financial position.

We work with independent management trust companies in many strategic locations including Singapore and Hong Kong*. Our expert advisors comprise of trustees, lawyers and accountants with broad experience and deep technical understanding of cross-jurisdictional tax and legal issues. We have a comprehensive problem-solving structure that enables us to rigorously execute efficient solutions to meet your varied and complex needs.

With an extensive global platform and vast resources, we are able to provide a range of product offerings and sophisticated solutions for entrepreneurs and High-Net-Worth clients.

*Greenfield Advisory is not licensed to render tax or legal advice. We therefore recommend that our clients discuss their estate planning needs with their independent professional advisors. While Greenfield Advisory does not provide insurance products/services, we will refer you to licensed insurance brokers who are able to cater to your needs.