External Asset Management

As an external asset manager, you are looking for a strong and innovative partner that understands your needs and can offer you appropriate solutions and ideas.

We are a strong and innovative partner who understands your needs and can offer appropriate solutions and ideas.

By choosing a partnership with us, you benefit from the support of an independent private bank with a long and successful history of serving external asset managers.

The satisfaction of our clients and partners is what drives us. Our company is committed to providing the best service. Your personal relationship manager can draw on combined skills and innovative strengths in order to meet your needs. Our efficient decision-making skills and state-of-the-art processes enable our relationship managers to act with maximum efficiency.

We believe that mutual trust forms the basis of a successful long-term partnership.


Our excellent team is able to offer you all the support you need throughout the investment process. We are a professional partner who can answer all your queries on investments across all asset classes.

The advisory services are:

  • Market updates throughout the day
  • Well-founded analysis of specific investment themes
  • Structuring customized derivative products in line with your requirements
  • Information on innovative investment ideas

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Asset Management

We offer a wide range of investment solutions for our institutional clients.

Our investment expertise is rooted in our passion for active asset management. We seek to generate an above-average performance while adding value for our clients and we pursue this goal with clear guidelines and total commitment.

Our investment strategy is always in line with our clients’ needs, focusing on transparent products and updating our investors regularly.

  1. Analysing ideas and filtering out potential firms
  2. Analysing of historical results and focus on shareholder value
  3. Analysis of future potential
  4. Valuing assets and investing at the right time
  5. Portfolio construction


Our investment objectives are long-term capital growth and above-average returns over a full market cycle. Thus, the companies we select must meet the following criteria: excellent business model, strong management team and an attractive price.

Our goal is to achieve capital growth and outperform the benchmark over the long term. To achieve this, we always align and monitor our process. Your goals are our priority.

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Investment Funds

Our investment funds offer
you access to various themes,
asset classes and regions.

Our investment funds offer you access to various themes, asset classes and regions. Our funds are suitable for both private individuals and institutional investors.

As part of our active investment management approach, we constantly assess the financial markets and relevant factors for you. Based on this analysis, we seek solutions that diverge from the market consensus. The result is our range of funds, achieve above-average performance over the long term.

  • Commodities

    Hedging, Investing, Financing and Leverage.
    Oil and Refined products.
    Coal, Soft and Emissions.
    Base and Precious metals.

  • Hedge Funds and Private Equity

    Hedge Funds.
    Secondary PE/HF stakes of distressed sellers.
    Bank and non-bank funds.
    Leverage diversified portfolio of hedge funds.

Structured Products

We offer a wide range of products and are ready to customise specific proposals to meet your needs

You may need to consider the use of structured products to pursue a specific investment goal. We create products that combine our wealth of experience with innovative approaches in a variety of ways.

We enable you to access a wide range of asset classes and markets and will be pleased to work together with you in drawing up specific investment proposals. We are committed to structuring innovative and bespoke financial instruments to add sustainable value for our clients. We focus on developing and selling structured products. Our aim is to achieve the highest quality of advisory services and product solutions.

  • Tailor Made Products

    Structured cash derivatives.
    Structured fixed income instruments.
    Structured FX and precious metals.
    Structured equity linked products.
    Structured commodities.

  • Complimentary Services

    Corporate finance.
    Mergers and acquisitions.
    Real Estate.
    Prime brokerage.

  • Cash

    Money market fund.
    Money market deposit
    Savings account.
    Certificate of
    Commercial paper.

  • Fixed Income

    Investment and
    Non-Investment grade
    Emerging market
    Credit derivatives.
    Interest rate hedging
    New issues.

  • FX & Precious Metals

    Spot, forward and
    OTC vanilla and exotic
    FX hedging.

  • Equity


  • Derivatives

    Exchange traded
    OTC derivatives.

Transaction Banking

Financial Institutions differentiate themselves through their close client contacts, a correspondingly high level of service quality and a product range geared towards the clients’ needs. In this respect, the client can expect to have use of a flexible and modern trading and processing platform as well as comprehensive and efficient access to global markets.

We work with independent management trust companies in many strategic locations including Singapore and Hong Kong*. Our expert advisors comprise of trustees, lawyers and accountants with broad experience and deep technical understanding of cross-jurisdictional tax and legal issues. We have a comprehensive problem-solving structure that enables us to rigorously execute efficient solutions to meet your varied and complex needs.

The various services can be procured on a modular basis and combined into a tailor-made solution. We will be happy to assist you, to develop the optimum business model that works for you.

Greenfield Advisory
  • Card Services

  • Financial

  • Global

  • Cash

  • Overdrafts & Liquidity

  • Mortgages

  • Yacht &

  • Investment Leverage